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frequent business traveler


Oakville United Taxicab Ltd is pleased to offer frequent business travelers and parents the convenience of a monthly charge account for taxi transportation in the Oakville area.


This offer is open to individuals living anywhere in Canada or the United States. (Please note some conditions may apply.)


Contact for a private account application. Fax the completed form to our Head Office at 905-338-5644. (All applications are subject to credit approval).


Once your application is approved, we will mail you a supply of pre-printed taxi charge coupon slips. Simply fill out the cost and details of your trip and give the coupon to the driver for future billing and payment. The 3-part coupon slips are similar to a credit card transaction slip. Two parts of the coupon are given to the driver for payment of your fare, and the third stays with the customer as a reference copy.


Invoices are generated monthly and mailed to your home or office. An original signed receipt is returned to you with each monthly statement, sorted and subtotalled, for verification of the charges.


All invoices are due upon receipt.


For payment options, rates or more information please call our customer service department at 905-338-1762 or email our sales department at

24/7 taxicab service - just call us anytime

While our top priority is to arrive on time or early for our clients, we cannot guarantee time calls during periods of inclement weather, unusual traffic conditions, equipment malfunctions, etc.

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