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Are school mornings hectic and disorganized at your house because of scheduling differences or commute times? Do you find it difficult to get everyone where they need to go and still take care of all of your other responsibilities? Let us help!


Oakville United Taxicab Ltd provides transportation for students to and from area public and Catholic schools, as well as all major colleges in Oakville. All of our drivers are CPR certified, and each passes through the Police Security Clearance and Vulnerable Sector Screening on a yearly basis.

School Transportation guidelines:


Ordering your Ride
For your convenience re-occurring trips can be scheduled in advance. You are asked to email your schedule to
You can book your trips via our web booking service
You can use our App
You can call our 24/7 line 905-338-0044.

Holidays and Vacations
Oakville United Taxi works closely with the Halton Catholic and Public-School Board as a result no vehicles are sent on PA Days and Holidays for Elementary and Secondary schools.
In the event your child requires a trip on a PA Day, kindly email our School Transportation Department to arrange this trip.

Snow Days
Halton School Board Snow days are snow days for all school and activity transportation at Oakville United Taxi. 
No vehicles will be dispatched to schools and/or activities.
Transportation for scheduled and prebooked trips including the accounts below will be suspended on those days. (Snow Days):
                                                i.    Catholic School Board.

                                                ii.    Public School Board.

                                               iii.    Children Aid Society.

                                               iv.    College Accounts.

                                                v.    Private Accounts.


Drop Offs and Pickups:  Timing and Locations:
Pickups and drop offs at school are usually from and to the main door "Gate NO. 1", unless, otherwise noted.
Due to that factor (2.A) timing cannot be during the morning or afternoon school rush. Pickups are in windows (15 - 20) before and/or after the bell.
Please check with the School Co-Ordinator at Oakville United Taxi regarding the timing regulations.
Once timing is approved, notify your school office that Oakville United Taxi will be transporting your child.
In the event that the student must be met by an adult at the drop off location, the driver will wait with the meter on, unless otherwise advised by the parent or guardian.


Transportation for students under the age of 8 must be with an adult attendee in the car.
All students must be able and capable of fastening and unfastening their seat belt.

Special Needs
Oakville United Taxi must be notified in writing in regard to any special needs for transported students or passengers to or from school.

Cancellation of a pre-booked reservation must be no later than 20 minutes prior to the dispatch time for any Oakville location, otherwise a cancellation fee applies.
For out-of-town pick-up cancellations, the customer will be charged the meter rate to the borders of Oakville unless cancelled prior to the dispatch of the vehicle.

Cell phone number
Please provide a cell number for your reservations.
Once you do you should be able to receive confirmations, track your car and/or cancel your trips.

Our GPS system will dispatch the closest car to the pickup location. This is the reason why we cannot guarantee the same driver daily.
Our drivers passes through the Police Security Clearance and Vulnerable Sector Screening, on a yearly basis.
Our drivers are CPR certified,
Since 2001, Oakville United Taxi has been providing 24/7 transportation services to the town of Oakville, with an emphasis on customer service and community relations.
Oakville United Taxi have the largest fleet of taxis in Halton Region,
Each of our cars is equipped with a global positioning system (GPS).
Reservations for Vans six passengers must be placed in advance, an extra fee will be added to any van reservations.

Communication with our Team
We highly recommend you email our team with your inquiries, scheduling and changes to scheduling. All emails can be sent to
Our School Transportation Team can also be reached at  905-338-0044 Monday to Friday 08:00 to 16:00.
While our top priority is to arrive on time or early for our clients, we cannot guarantee timed calls during periods of inclement weather, unusual traffic conditions, equipment malfunctions. It is crucial for student transportation that the parent and the school ensure that the student is under supervision until our vehicle arrives and to ensure that the student is met at the arrival destination.


Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your children will arrive at school safely and on time every morning by calling Oakville United Taxicab Ltd.

While our top priority is to arrive on time or early for our clients, we cannot guarantee time calls during periods of inclement weather, unusual traffic conditions, equipment malfunctions, etc.

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